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50th Anniversary Celebration

1969 - 2019

Fish Fry
Rick and Eric
McAlister Family
Fish Fry
Susie and Scott
Sam Leading Songs
Judy and Leonard
Larry and Gelena
Phil and Sara
Kellie and Jim
Amanda and Sharon
Leslie and Janet
Kevin making hushpuppies
Worship Service
Worship Service
Ray and Marilyn
Mark and Juanita
Fish Fry
Fish Fry
Brian and Eva
Kathy, Freddie and Sharon
Amanda, Tony, Wilma and Eva
Leslie, Stephanie, Terri and Kim
Fish Fry
Jerry and Kathy
Margaret and Kathy
The Girls
Joy and Faye
Sharon, Judy and Kathy
The Garland Family
Jodi and James
George and Cody

A Special Thank You to Leonard Fulbright for the pictures.

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